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Along scenic Hwy12

Along scenic Hwy12

Meet any rider who has been to Utah before, and chances are that they will rave and tell you to go on Hwy 12.
I agreed with those riders in 2005, and I still do today. The variety and quality of this road is a must do if you happen to be in the neighborhood.
The boys went down the Burr trail for our last off-road session. We had a quick stop at the key viewpoints of Bryce Canyon (too many peoples for our taste).
Then this saturday morning the boys split into three groups. Theo went back to Las Vegas to return is rental bike and then flew home, while Tom and Jeff went back home as fast as possible. Brad and myself carried on for another week of riding.
So we headed down to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon where it was still a shock to see this one of a kind landscape, but this time in a bit too much haze. We had an easy day actually.

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