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Glen Canyon …

Glen Canyon …

We reached Torrey (UT) tonight, after a couple of off-road sessions and some remote riding in varied landscape. Today was a feast for the eye.
We left pretty early to negotiate what is arguably the best dirt road of the trip so far. The valley of the gods have it all. A real dirt roller-coaster. After yesterday ride to Monument Valley, this was a piece of cake.
A quick blast to the gooseneck left the boys rather speechless. And yet the best was to come.
After negotiating the famous Moki Dugway, we reached the incredible vista of Mulley Point after a 3-5 miles dirt track. This was the place where I felt the smallest in view of the land surrounding me.

Then we had an interesting loop in Natural Bridges national monument national park. This is a totally cool place, but after the vista we encountered over the last 3 days, this park seemed rather dull. How sad really. So it was a quick pick a boo, and onto the long road to Torrey.

Powell lake was the next highlight today. I felt behind as many pictures opportunity and low traffic allowed me to leisure a bit. Capitol Reef National park was the last highlight section of the day. And I don’t know why, but I seemed to remember some great scenery around that section. Yet today, I had no ‘woah’ moments. being the end of a rather long day, I am blaming it on the tiredness factor.

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