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Overnight ride to Gold Bridge – Part 2

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Overnight ride to Gold Bridge – Part 2

After an early night, due to the exciting night life in Gold Bridge, we are ready to roll pretty early. And instead of riding the most direct route back to Pemberton, we head back to Bralorne and use ‘the connector’ which is a single lane trail looping back to the main Hurley pass road.

It is a bumpy, rocky ride, in a cold damp forest. Thankfully, the reward views over some snowy peak framed by a perfect blue sky is making the ride really enjoyable. It is not a relax section by any means, but we don’t mind.

The climb to Hurley pass is a gentle grade most of the way and the trail is really wide. The down section was steeper than I had anticipated, but this had the advantage to offer some incredible vistas over the Pemberton meadows far below us. After all the previous riding, I could tell that everybody confidence was way up. Yet It was an awesome feeling of achievement when we reached the Pemberton meadows paved roads. We had not a single spill or incident despite some slippery conditions around Bralorne and Seton portage due to some dust control.

An easy ride home in a balmy weather made for a perfect end to a great ride. Now if only this crazy nice weather could carry on just a bit more …

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