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Overnight to Gold Bridge – Part 1

Overnight to Gold Bridge – Part 1

The boys are out again on the road. Actually they are off to the roads less travelled, and by this I mean some dirt roads.
The weather is surprisingly good this year in this early fall. So the four dual sports of the crew are going to Gold Bridge deep into the coastal mountains north of Whistler.  It is a long expected adventure for me, and it has never happened due to lack of teammate willing to go there, or because I missed the key BC Big Traillie ride going there.

Gold Bridge has suffer one of the most violent forest fire this summer, but now the smoke is gone and we expect some amazing views as some snow has been falling since last week on the peaks.

Sadly today, we had a cold ride and not much blue sky despite a promising start this morning. Most of the dirt section was done under a cloud cover, and I had to put on the waterproofing layer for about an hour. The rain did not really slowed me down in the most incredible section of road along carpenter lake, but it stopped me taking pictures.

Since the things to do in Gold bridge are … somewhat limited, we ended up doing an extra 20 km to visit the strange town of Bralorne. Run down houses and a rather interesting museum made for a cool Photo Safari which I hope will make the subject for a dedicated post when I can find a bit more time.

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