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Virgin falls no more.

Virgin falls no more.

Over 2 years that I want to go see those ‘Virgin falls’. 2 years looking at the back-road map-book. Finally Ray and Pat agrees to go for an overnight ride to the Island. All went well with only one bike drop, and one monsoon rain shower 10 minutes before catching the ferry back to the mainland.
Our first dual-sport experience of the year took us along Sproat lake. A really nice alternative to the cop governed hwy4 out of Port Alberni. The first half especially will see me again. The compact dirt made for an easy ride on the HP.
The second half was more of workout due to some soft stones.
The beauty of riding those big traillie came to light once more when we got back on Hwy 4. No traffic and clean pavement allowed a very decent average speed.
After dropping some extra wait and gears at the hotel, we headed off to the virgin falls. It was slow and hard going, but we made safely through a bear infested forest. Bear poops could be seen every 100 meters or so.
After behaving like idiots on the way back to Ucluelet, we treated ourselves to a very decent diner and some beers.
This morning we headed up to Tofino for some breakfast and a quick hike along Long Beach.
The ride back was uneventful until we hit a crazy rain which soaked everybody.
A memorable ride. This week-end confirmed that there are some awesome back roads on the island.

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