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Salmon glacier to Port Hardy

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Salmon glacier to Port Hardy

This was my third visit to Hyder, and nothing changed much as one would expect.
We had a very wet ride up until we reached the coast, then like by magic the skies opened-up. It was like the weather was waiting for us to go up to Salmon glacier.
The boys were in awe at the top viewpoint.

The final day of riding took us through the Nass valley road, the theatre of my very first dirt adventure. It was amazing to realize the progress made in riding technique. The lava beds are now paved in a smooth blacktop, and inviting sweepers after sweepers.

The ferry ride was not so exciting this time. The weather did not let go until we reached the open waters north of Port Hardy.
This was another very successful boys tour.

  1. Kelley Joe Clark says:

    Hey Bruno,

    Got home on 7-15-10.Great running into your band of outlaws at Hyder.Enjoyed the ride up to Salmon Glacier.Sent Tom some photo’s that I took there.Take care.

    Love you website!

    Kelley Joe Clark

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