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Abandon village of Cledat

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Abandon village of Cledat

Thanks to my local bike guide ‘Pierre‘, I discovered today the abandoned village of  Cledat. Pierre himself had discovered this remote location by contributing to the worldwide phenomenon known as GeoCaching which incidentally was born in Seattle.

Cledat is built in the middle of a rather recent pine forest, and surrounded by huge Granit boulders. The village was abandoned in 1963, likely due to its isolation. In 1999, an association took over the entire village and cleared up all the overgrown bushes which had all but recovered the entire village. Today the chapelle, and a couple of buildings have been renovated to their former glory. Some contemporary sculpture are appearing as well.

  1. thanks for the link Bruno 🙂

    and here is one for a video of Correze (where you can see Mount Bessou, Cledat and marvelous roads…)


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